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Many people know Over The Garden Wall the as founding members and front-men for the popular Toronto-based Genesis tribute band, “Over the Garden Wall” which paved the way for many other Genesis cover bands to follow.


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About Over The Garden Wall

Back in 1986 five musicians came together to form one of the most successful cover acts of the 80s.  Five progressive minded individuals created a cover act performing the music of one of the most popular and influential bands of the British progressive rock era. GENESIS. 

The band was OVER THE GARDEN WALL (O.T.G.W.) and were known for covering the complete history of GENESIS including the solo works of Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins.

O.T.G.W. played to audiences continuously throughout North America until disbanding in 1996. Now after a hiatus and because GENESIS has just completed their final performances, the time has once again knocked on the door of O.T.G.W. to entertain fans worldwide who enjoy the music from all the eras and influences of GENESIS.

We are excited to announce that O.T.G.W. is preparing to tour starting in the fall of 2022. Stay tuned for updates.


Over The Garden Wall Members

Robbie Cooper

The progressive pop rock sound of Robbie Cooper. Critics have called him “The Next Peter Gabriel” and “The New Phil Collins” although his vocal range and style is truly his own … with the hint of his heroes always evident. Robbie played his first gig in downtown Toronto. A few years later, he was signed to A&M records. Robbie’s next project was forming a band which won the “$100,000 Discovery to Disc Contest” sponsored by CFNY-FM in Toronto. He then went on solo to Chattanooga, Tennessee and began recording sessions… Read More

Greg Bennett – Jack the Riffer

Cover bands became quite popular in the 1980s. Because of my progressive background, I was able to perform in two bands, both of which performed music that I enjoyed. The First Yes Shows is a musical journey through the music of Yes. We all had a great time playing together for the performances we did, despite the fact that it was just for a short period. Second, and finally. Beyond the Garden Wall. The whole Genesis musical history. Because two new Peter Gabriel recordings, Invisible Touch with Genesis and SO, were released in 1986, timing was key. Both songs charted in the top ten on Billboard. This made booking our band a breeze, and we enjoyed a successful ten-year run across North America… Read More


Rubio, who was born in Canada in 1973, made a name for himself as a musician at a young age. He obtained a scholarship to study with Kawai at the age of eight, and by the age of ten, he was receiving prizes at national music festivals and recording classical music for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. He played with a number of Canadian recording artists as an adult, including Kenny Shields (of Streetheart) and Ray Lyell. He relocated to Toronto in 1991, where he continued to extend his views. He began playing salsa alongside globally recognized vocalist Lalo Rodriguez in 1994, and as a result of these performances, he began to receive more employment in the areas of salsa and merengue… Read More

Conroy Lee Ross

Canadian rock and alternative producer, Conroy Lee Ross, with his fast flying fingers defined his first band !nkblot on lead vocals and guitar in 2004. He’s been touring and playing around the Okanagan and the world solo and as a hired gun in many projects and varying music styles since picking up the guitar at 11 years old. Having over 200 cover songs in his pocket makes every show unique with improvised solos, engaging banter and lots of singalongs with his audience. Ross teaches music lessons doing business as Last Guitar Experience, and continues to host and play live music events in Kelowna. He’s currently recording his third solo album and also set to release an album with “The Pickups”… Read More

Wayne Levy, (Fuss) Jeffrey Cooper & Robert Cooper

Executive Producers.

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